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In the 1940s, Pinehaven Park was one of Crafton City's loveliest recreation(娱乐)areas.


In the 1940s, Pinehaven Park was one of Crafton City's loveliest recreation(娱乐)areas. Over 40 acres of woods and fields were open to the public. In the 1950s, part of the park was taken over by Crafton City's garbage. Fifteen acres were to be used for landfill disposal(理置). As time went on, more and more of the park was used for garage disposal and less for recreation. Two years ago, the park was closed to the public for good. Along with household garbage, industrial chemicals had for years been dumped (倾倒)in the Pinehaven landfill. These poisonous chemicals had begun to seep(渗)back up through the soil. All of Pinehaven Park had become dangerously polluted.   

Last year, the fish in the Crafton River began to die. After a series of investigations(研究), it became clear that the people of Crafton City were not to blame. 100~150 miles upstream, big paper mills were dumping industrial wastes into the river. Little by little, the level of poison in the river began to rise. Finally, it became so polluted that the fish themselves could no longer survive.   

Downtown Crafton used to be a quiet area. Ten years of remarkable growth changed that in a big hurry. But with Crafton City's new prosperity(繁荣)came a new problem: air pollution. And it is a serious problem. Air pollution levels in Crafton are regularly reaching those of the nation's large industrial cities.

(1)Which of the following best states the central idea of the passage? [  ]

A.Chemical dumping is a serious threat to Crafton City's soil.

B.The rapid growth of industry has brought air pollution to Crafton City.

C.The disposal of garbage can destroy recreation areas.

D.Industrial growth and progress have resulted in the pollution of Crafton City's water, air, and soil.

(2)According to the passage, what portion of the park had originally been marked for use as a garbage dump? [  ]

A.Less than half 

B.Exactly half

C.About one third

D.Most of it

(3)As it is used in the passage, the phrase“for good”means ________. [  ]


B.for ever



(4)According to the passage, one result of dumping industrial chemicals into the landfill was that ________. [  ]

A.the land became unsafe for humans

B.the animals on the land died

C.the poisonous chemicals were washed into the nearby river

D.the smoke from the chemicals polluted the air surrounding the landfill

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解析: (1)D答案最全面。


(3)“for good”与“for ever”意思一样,是长期地、永远地。



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